Our Vision

To bring to life a holistic, child-centric and imaginative approach to the education of a child based on Waldorf (Steiner) philosophy that provides a deep understanding on age-appropriate needs of the child.

Our Mission

To foster in children, a reverence to surroundings, joy of learning and a real understanding of life. We strive to make learning balanced and holistic in a stress-free environment.

Our Values

We keep the child in the center of everything we do
  • Our curriculum, environment and rules will be designed keeping in mind the developmental needs of the child over any adult constraints.
  • Child observation and understanding is at the heart of our own learning.
We foster an imaginative and holistic approach in everything we do
  • Head, Heart and Hands approach to learning strengthens thinking, feeling and willing.
  • Art is inherent to any learning activity we do with the child.
We build a culture of safety for individual expression in the organization
  • Parents and teachers work hand-in-hand to ensure consistency of environment to the child.
  • Establish mutual respect and trust with every child, employee and parent.